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1.06 & 3.06

Ladies look at your ship. Now back to me. Back to what I believe is the strongest bond existing in this show (love BoBo/Kenz and Doccubus and Dyson/Bo, but all of them let me down somewhere along the way at least once….Don’t get me wrong it’s great drama and I enjoy it fully). At this point I’m pretty sure Dyson would choose to protect Kenzi over anyone else. And it’s just so beautiful b/c it’s pure and loving and two people learning to trust and give and hope.


I don’t think anyone truly understands how much I want Kenzi and Dyson to be together. 

This ship hurts my heart, like legit chest tensing and tear welling and I can’t even anymore. 

I need it. They need it. 


Perfect couple would be perfect, if they just got the chance. 

Pardon me, I’m going to go have feelings now. 


Dyson & Kenzi Moments | 306: The Kenzi Scale (part 4)